Secure Email Communication - Receiving a Message

Overview quick tips on receiving, viewing, and replying to Microsoft 365 encrypted messages sent by STRATA.


Part of STRATA's internal controls includes the protection of personally identifiable information (PII). If Microsoft 365's system detects PII in an outbound message sent by STRATA, then the email will automatically be encrypted. For that reason, you may receive an encrypted email that allows STRATA to securely exchange data with our clients.

Take a look at the email encryption diagram below to see how email communications flow to and from STRATA:Whitepaper images (7)

The steps below outline how to securely view, read and/or respond to encrypted messages.


When a secure message from STRATA arrives, it will read " has sent you a protected message," similar to the screenshot below. Click "Read the message" and a separate browser window will open. If Microsoft Edge is not your default browser, copy the link and open it in a Microsoft Edge browser. This takes the user to a Protected Message Viewer Portal so that you can securely view, read and/or respond to the message within the portal.  

Secure Email Guide Screen Shot 1 - message sent-1Sign in to View

You may be prompted to sign in to view the message. Using the one-time passcode option is recommended in most instances.

 Microsoft 365 Clients: Some Outlook clients are able to receive encrypted messages, and will not require the use of the one-time passcode to access the encrypted message portal or Outlook Web Access; however, the Outlook Web Access application is the recommended and easiest method to view these messages

  • If available, it is recommended to access your Outlook email from the Outlook Web Access application. 
    • Click to sign on to your account (Microsoft Edge is the recommended browser for Microsoft 365) and view the message. 
    • Verify the email address you are logged into Outlook with matches the email address the message is being sent to. Download the Secure Email: Troubleshooting Guide at the end of this article for step-by-step instructions. 

One-Time Passcode 

Select "Or, sign in with the one-time passcode".

Secure Email Guide Screen Shot 2 - sign in-1

Your browser window will update to the following:

Secure Email Guide Screen Shot 4 - One-time passcodeYou will receive a second email with a code. Enter your code in the prompt and click Continue to view your message. Secure Email Guide Screen Shot 5 - enter One-time passcode

Additional information from Microsoft support can be found here: Opening a Secure Message

Reply and Attach Securely

You can reply to and attach documents to your secure email messages all within the secure environment of the Protected Message Viewer Portal. Simply select Reply, a new email message will pop up, fill out your response, then (if needed) attach supporting documentation by selecting the attach icon at the top or bottom of the new message. 




Secure Email Troubleshooting Guide