How Do I Direct a Secured Debt Transaction After My Investment Has Been Onboarded?

Overview of the transaction documents, submission process, custody timeline, and asset registration requirements for secured debt investments after an investment has been accepted for custody with STRATA.

Transaction Documents to Provide to STRATA

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                • STRATA's Investment Direction - Private Investments form - This form authorizes STRATA to send funds from the STRATA IRA to the Investment Issuer once the investment is onboarded. Processing delays can be avoided by ensuring all sections of the form are completed.  
                • Note Purchase Agreement or Lender’s Agreement (if any) - The accountholder should complete and sign the note purchase agreement or lender’s agreement (if applicable). After this has been signed by the accountholder, STRATA will sign in its capacity as the IRA custodian.

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You may submit transaction documentation using email, fax or mail, please use only one method below:

Fax: 512.495.9554
US Mail: PO Box 23149, Waco, Tx 76702
Overnight:  7901 Woodway Drive, Waco TX 76712

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This timeline is approximate, based on whether required documents are received in good order–if transferring from another custodian or rolling over an IRA asset from another institution, STRATA is also dependent on the existing service providers' transaction process times. 


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Once all the documentation has been completed and submitted, your STRATA IRA has been opened and funded, then it will take up to 2-3 business days for us to direct your investment.   

  • If your IRA only funds a portion of the loan, the loan documentation must include the IRA’s undivided interest: STRATA Trust Company Custodian FBO (Accountholder Name) IRA (Account #) as to an undivided ___% interest.
  • The fully-executed debt instrument should be held by STRATA for safekeeping. Please send to STRATA as soon as possible after the transaction proceeds are received.
  • The debt instrument must reflect the following named payee as follows:
    STRATA Trust Company, Custodian
    FBO (Accountholder Name) IRA (Account #)
    PO Box 23149, Waco TX 76702
    Tax ID:26-2637994
    STRATA’s Tax ID should be used in place of the investor’s SSN to retain the tax-exempt status for the IRA investment.
  • STRATA does not provide any loan servicing or collection duties. The accountholder assumes all responsibilities to monitor the terms of the loan and ensure the borrower makes all payments in a timely manner.
  • Loan payments must be deposited directly to the STRATA IRA. If there is a third-party servicing agent, the agent may forward the payments to be deposited to the IRA. Payments should not be sent directly to an IRA owner’s personal or business account.

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