How Do I Add or Change a Power of Attorney Designation to My Account?

Please complete the Power of Attorney Designation form if you wish to add or remove a Power of Attorney ("POA") on your account. Attach a copy of the fully executed Power of Attorney document, and then electronically sign and submit it to STRATA.

Your appointed Attorney-in-Fact ("Agent") will have access to your account information as well as the ability to transact the duties outlined in your POA documents.

  • Online submission is the quickest and most secure way to provide STRATA with your information. If the option is available, a ServiceNOW icon ServiceNowSymbol will be displayed. Click the icon to launch the online form, where you will see a pop-up asking for your email address. 
    If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the online submission in one session, your information is automatically saved, and you can retrieve your document using the access link provided via email.
  • For manual submission, simply click the PDF text link located inside the form description to launch the document, fill it in, and then follow the submission instructions provided on the form.