Where Can I Find My Quarterly Account Statements, Tax Forms, and/or Account Number?

View or download copies of your STRATA quarterly account statement, common IRS forms (IRS Form 1099-R, IRS Form 5498), RMD notifications, and reminders through our Account Access portal.

Locate Documents

Upon Login, or after completing self-enrollment as a first-time user, you will find your statement and or tax form in the Statements & Documents tab located at the top of the page.

StatmentsUser Guide Screen Shot 33You will have the ability to select the date range that fits the document you are searching for. Once selected, be sure to click on the blue check mark to apply your selected date range. 

  • Filter Data:  
    • By Document Type - View all documents or by document type. 
    • By Account - If multiple accounts are listed within the profile, you can sort data by individual accounts or view data for all accounts.  
    • By Date - View account information by selecting a date range.
      • Once you have selected your sort parameters, simply click User Guide Screen Shot 27 to apply the filters.  
  • Quick View - Click the document name link to preview the document.
  • Download & Print – Click the  User Guide Screen Shot 32  icon to download and print a pdf version of the document.

Gradient Line
Locate Your STRATA Account Number

For security reasons, STRATA does not provide full account numbers on quarterly statements, invoices, or electronic communications. To view your full STRATA account number, log in to your account (STRATA Account Access) - you will find it on the Home Tab (shown below) and on the Statements and Documents Tab. You may also view it on any STRATA-issued tax document.