Private Equity: Investment Set-Up

Use this quick guide to overview the requirements for subscription agreement documents, asset registration, and how to submit future funding for private equity investments.


For a more detailed, step-by-step guide on how to onboard, fund, and direct your investments, including expected timelines and what to anticipate next, please visit STRATA's Investment Hub page.

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Subscription AgreementSubscription Agreement

  • Who Signs? The investor, investment sponsor, and STRATA. 
  • Who Prepares the Subscription Agreement? The investment sponsor and/or investor.

A subscription agreement is provided by the investment sponsor. An unexecuted document is required to onboard a new private equity investment – learn more here. This may be referred to as the purchase agreement, investment agreement, shareholder agreement, limited partnership agreement, or operating agreement.

A completed subscription document (signed and filled out by the investor and investment sponsor) is also required from the investor when submitting STRATA’s Investment Direction - Private Investments form, which provides instructions to fund an investor’s new investment. If the investment sponsor requires an investor questionnaire to be completed, fill this out prior to sending it to STRATA. Once it is completed and signed by the investor, STRATA will sign it in its capacity as the IRA custodian.

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Asset RegistrationAsset Registration

  • Is the Asset Registered to the Investor? No, it is registered in the name of the IRA.
  • Should the Investor Use Their Social Security Number? No, use STRATA's Tax ID number.

Asset Registration: 
STRATA Trust Company, Custodian

FBO (Accountholder Name) IRA (Account #)

P.O. Box 23149, Waco, TX 76702

Tax ID: 26-2637994

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Funding InstructionsFunding Instructions

How Does the IRA Receive Proceeds? Proceeds can be sent to STRATA via (1) check, (2) ACH, or (3) wire. Funds received without prior notification may cause delays in processing.

  • Investment sponsors can provide reconciliation instructions using STRATA’s File Format for Bulk Payment template and email it to

Click here to download STRATA's File Format for Bulk Payment template. Template example:  Bulk Template Example

(1) Check Instructions

Payable To:
STRATA Trust Company, Custodian
FBO (Accountholder Name) IRA (Account #)

US Mail Overnight Delivery
P.O. Box 849
Austin, TX 78767
901 S. Mopac Expressway
Barton Oaks Plaza II, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78746
Payee Info

(2) ACH Instructions

(3) Wire Instructions

 Bank Name 

Horizon Bank

Horizon Bank

Bank Address

600 W. 5th Street 
Austin, TX  78701 
600 W. 5th Street 
Austin, TX  78701 


111907940  111907940 

For Credit To:

IRA Account # and Accountholder’s Last Name  STRATA Trust Company, Custodial Account 

Account #

4515532  4515532 
Account Type: Checking/DDA  
 For Further Credit To:    Accountholder’s Name, IRA #
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STRATA's Private Equity: Investment Set-Up Quick Guide

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