Individual Investors: How To Set Up Online Account Access

STRATA Trust Company's Account Access offers individual investors a secure online portal that seamlessly helps investors manage their assets.


To access your account via our online account access portal, you must first complete our self-enrollment process. To set up your user profile, click HERE

You will be directed to our secure log on page and must register from a private device in order to complete the self-enrollment process. Once you have registered your user profile and set up your security questions, you may access your account from either a private or public device. 

1. Account Registration 

To register your account within our online account access portal, please enter the following information:

  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number 
  • Date of Birth 
  • Email Address of Record 

User Guide Screen Shot 2-1

Click Continue to complete the account registration process.

2. Create a User Profile

You may create your user profile by entering the following information: 

  • Username - Must contain 6-20 characters and include a combination of alphanumeric and underscore, hyphen, or dot characters. 
  • Password - Must contain 8-20 characters and include a combination of letters, numbers, and symbol(s). 
  • Security Question & Answer 

Once you have completed your user profile, please click Submit to proceed. A registration confirmation message will appear. 

Click the link within the message box that appears (shown above) to proceed to our secure login page. 

Gradient Line

Electronic Communication Consent Policy Acceptance

At initial log on, you will be asked to accept our Electronic Communication Consent Policy. Please click Accept & Proceed to continue with log on. If you decline the request, you will be unable to proceed with the self-enrollment process. 

After agreeing to the policy, please check your email inbox for a confirmation link. Click the link in the email message to complete the process.