How Are My STRATA IRA Precious Metals Valued?

In your quarterly statement, STRATA reflects spot value as the value for precious metals. Spot value is the current spot price multiplied by the ounces of fine metal contained in the coin or bar. Values reported in the quarterly statement do not include any mark-ups, mark-downs, premiums, or commissions received or charged by the broker or dealer. Spot values should be used as an indication of value only and should not be construed as a firm bid price to buy by any broker or dealer.

As a directed IRA custodian, STRATA holds the precious metals in your account, but STRATA makes no independent determination of the value and pricing of your precious metals. Price indications for specific bullion products may be obtained from various sources including your precious metals broker/dealer or on a site such as

Please call your dealer for real-time pricing or information regarding their fees or commissions. Refer to our Important Disclosures for Your STRATA Precious Metals IRA regarding your STRATA precious metals IRA.