How Are Expenses and/or Improvements Handled for Real Estate Held in My STRATA IRA?

All earnest money deposits, insurance premiums, taxes, debt payments, or other expenses of the property (including any improvements) must be paid by the IRA to an unrelated third party.

A copy of the invoice or tax notice must be provided to STRATA along with a completed and signed Expense Payment Authorization form.

You may not pay for an expense out-of-pocket or on a credit card and remit the statement for payment. STRATA will not process payments to a credit card issuer.

  • Online submission is the quickest and most secure way to provide STRATA with your information. If the option is available, a ServiceNOW icon ServiceNowSymbol will be displayed. Click the icon to launch the online form, where you will see a pop-up asking for your email address. 
    If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the online submission in one session, your information is automatically saved, and you can retrieve your document using the access link provided via email.
  • For manual submission, simply click the PDF text link located inside the form description to launch the document, fill it in, and then follow the submission instructions provided on the form.