Can I Direct My STRATA IRA to Invest in Publicly Offered Investments?

Yes. STRATA will process the purchase of publicly offered investments such as public, non-traded REITs or BDCs, public LPs or public LLCs.

You may also hold stocks, bonds, mutual funds or ETFS in your STRATA IRA but only if you direct the purchase through a trading account with a brokerage firm of your choice. STRATA does not directly hold tradable securities.

Choose any brokerage firm that will allow a third-party custodian to hold title to the account. Not all brokerage firms permit this, so please check with your broker prior to instructing STRATA to establish an account to trade securities.

Please refer to STRATA's Investment Onboarding page or to learn more overview the Public Investment Checklist below.

If you are ready to provide direction instructions you may refer to our Direct An Investment page. 

Public Investment Checklist

Use STRATA's Public Investment Checklist to gather all the documents you need and preview the approximate timeline. Download and save, email, or print!